39ss, 12mm Rivoli and 6x3mm, 8x4mm Navette Stud Earring bases with SW rhinestone

Product Info:

Stud Earring base made of:
- 39ss stone setting (SW 1088) with Swarovski rhinestones;

- 12mm Rivoli (SW 1122) empty stone settings;

- 8x4mm Navette (SW 4228) stone settings;
- 6x3mm Navette (SW 4228) stone settings;

Necessary quantity of 39ss crystals - 2pcs per pair.
Necessary quantity of 8x4mm Navette crystals - 6pcs per pair.
Necessary quantity of 6x3mm Navette crystals - 4pcs per pair.


Fits to Swarovski crystals.
The metal plating shown in the picture is Antique silver.

weight:  8.8 gr
Dimentions:  50x22mm
Thick:  4mm
Material:  Brass
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Antique Silver Antique Silver
Antique Copper Antique Copper
Antique Brass Antique Brass
Black Black
Nickel Nickel
Rose Gold Rose Gold
Rose Gold Matte Rose Gold Matte
Shiny Silver Shiny Silver
Yellow Gold Yellow Gold
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Aurore Boreale Aurore Boreale
Black Diamond Black Diamond
Blue Zircon Blue Zircon
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Chrysolite Chrysolite
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Hyacinth Hyacinth
Indian Pink Indian Pink
Indian Sapphire Indian Sapphire
Jet Jet
Light Colorado Topaz Light Colorado Topaz
Light Rose Light Rose
Light Siam Light Siam
Montana Montana
Pacific Opal Pacific Opal
Rose Water Opal Rose Water Opal
Rose Rose
Sapphire Sapphire
Siam Siam
Tanzanite Tanzanite
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White Opal White Opal
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