About Cup chain USA

Almost finished Jewelry-for jewelry makers

Cup chain USA is a Fashion Jewelry supplier in the fashion Jewelry industry, published in 2015 


Cup chain USA supplies high quality products, tools and information for jewelers, empty cup chain jewelry, jewelry bases findings and stones for embedding. 

Cup chain USA is an independent distributor of the Gita jewelry products most of our products are produced and plated in the Gita jewelry factory in Israel, Gita is a high standard of quality in terms of fashion jewelry.

Cup chain USA offers jewelry designers a solution for high quality jewelry making supplies, and almost instant jewelry, our metal components are mostly made of high quality brass material what makes them durable and strong, we use other materials such as Casting, Iron and more... 


We also make use in our production with Rhinestones.

Cup chain use platform is one stop shop where you can customize jewelry and combine different colors, shapes and materials, change styles and combine different components such as stone setting cabochons, clasps to create your style.

Cup chain USA website planned for you to enjoy the shopping experience and have the maximum options to design your desirable jewelry, choose between 9 different plating finishes. And more than 40 different rhinestone colors and shapes, so you can create unlimited different Jewelry combinations.

Cup chain USA provides customized production of fashion jewelry components with a faster delivery time and good prices.

Whether you an individual jewelry designer or boutique or just for fun we can offer different solutions according to your needs.

So don't compromise over the quality of your jewelry and start planing your new beautiful jewelry collection.


Customer service (English) for USA and Europe customers:

Call us for any question, problem or request, we will be happy to assist you.